Frome Nursing Home are Jumping For Dementia

Two of the marketing team from Frome Nursing Home, Somerset, have just raised around £1000 for the Alzheimer’s Society in two sponsored parachute jumps. Two thirds of those being cared for at Frome Nursing Home, live with dementia and Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia among older adults.

Jessica Caine and Luke Barnett took to the sky on Sunday 5th August from Dunkeswell Airfield in Devon, and jumped, each attached to their instructors.

Jessica had parachuted once before, and said the views were incredible, but it was Luke’s first jump. Prior to taking off, he admitted to being terrified of heights, preferring his feet planted firmly on the ground. Shortly after landing he said “It was all over so quickly, I didn’t have time to be scared”

They jumped from 15,000 feet, any higher would require oxygen tanks, and within seconds, they were plummeting downwards at 120mph, in a tandem jump, which is the easiest of all skydives. It requires only 30 minutes of training before jumping, each strapped to a British Parachute Association Tandem Instructor. Jessica and Luke said that tandem jumping was a truly unforgettable experience, and a fantastic way to raise funds for their chosen charity.

They raised enough money to pay for 2 years’ worth of clinical trial drugs to search for an effective treatment for vascular dementia. Speaking afterwards, they said the day was a total success for both Frome Nursing Home, and for Alzheimer’s Society.

Jerry Short, Evolve Care Group

3 Surprising Parachuting Facts

  • There is a sport called Banzai Skydiving. You throw the parachute out of the airplane first and then jump out after it and put it on whilst freefalling. The world-record wait before jumping out is 50 seconds!
  • Afraid of flying, Muhammad Ali spent his first flight praying with a parachute strapped to his back. He was heading to Rome
  • In the 1940s the Idaho Fish and Game Dept relocated beavers into the wilderness by dropping them out of airplanes with parachutes

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who recently celebrated Mothering Sunday!
We had a wonderful day here at Frome Nursing Home. We had so many beautiful bunches of flowers delivered from friends and family that perhaps live further away or that just wanted to send something extra special – we had enough to open up as a local florist!
Everyone enjoyed a delicious Sunday Roast, and so many relatives and friends visited and celebrated with us. Our whole home was full of love!
Mum’s are so special, and it was a fabulous day celebrating them, together here at Frome Nursing Home.

Frome MP Supports Local Care Home

Frome Nursing Home, a specialist dementia nursing and residential care provider in the Somerset town of Frome, have been commended by local MP David Warburton for creating their own solution to the care funding crisis.

The group that supports the home, Evolve Care Group, have set up a subsidy fund of £100,000 in order to help local people afford the care they need and deserve.

Home Manager at Frome Nursing Home, Maggie Rhodes, told us “we want to provide love and care to everyone that needs it. Our subsidy fund will allow those currently stuck at home or in hospital to access our specialist services at a cost that they can afford.”

She went on to explain “the team at Frome Nursing Home have implemented a cutting edge new model of person-centred dementia care. This is having an amazing impact on the lives of people living with dementia and we want lots of people to benefit from these advances.”

Frome’s newly re-elected MP, David Warburton, recently met with colleagues from Frome Nursing Home to hear more about their new funding solution and to offer his support. He commented: “the current crisis in funding for social care is an issue that urgently needs addressing and it is brilliant to see that Frome Nursing Home are doing their own bit to help ease the costs of care.”

David is currently planning a visit to the nursing home, located on Styles Hill in Frome. He plans to meet with some of the people living there and see first-hand the fantastic care that is being provided, as well as viewing the newly refurbished residences.

Frome Nursing Home is dedicated to offering care that revolves around the individual and their needs. We offer Dementia Care, Residential and Nursing, Respite Care, Step down placements and End of Life Care.

The Home and support is tailored to every person who lives here. The priority is focusing on small communities and families rather than conventional institutional approaches. The staff at Frome Nursing Home are passionate about offering the best possible care, with many feeling that they have gained many extra grandparents.

The home is set in the heart of the breath-taking Somerset countryside in the picturesque town of Frome.

Frome Nursing Home Celebrates 8 years of a Five Star Kitchen

This week Frome Nursing Home was awarded the maximum five stars in the latest food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency for the eighth year in a row. Head Chef at Frome, Ben Kerslake, is also celebrating 10 years of working in the kitchens at the home, having started as a kitchen assistant back in 2007.

Ben and his team wowed food inspectors from Mendip council on their visit, who left well assured that the services available were of the best possible standard and hygiene was maximised at all times. They focused on the handling and storage of food, the cleanliness and layout of the buildings and the recording of information regarding the food.

Maggie Rhodes, Home Manager, was bursting with pride when she told us: “achieving the five stars again is an amazing achievement and a true testament to the continuous hard work of Ben and his team. They ensure that everyone living with us has a choice of food as they would at home, which is always nutritious and well-presented, resulting in dining with dignity always.”

Ben first started working for the home 10 years ago, and over the years his passion and ambition have helped him achieve numerous qualifications and awards, and climb the kitchen ranks to the Head Chef position.

Ben said: “I love working here, and the trust I have from the people living here is heart-warming. When preparing the menus I sit and listen, and understand each individuals tastes and nutritional needs. I get to exercise my creative side as well, particularly when using the puree food moulds, where pureed foods are put into specialised moulds to make them look as good as they taste. I can make mushy peas look like fresh peas straight from the pod!”

Maggie and the whole team at Frome Nursing Home have thanked Ben for his years of brilliant work and look forward to many more meals of five star food.

Frome Nursing Home is located on Styles Hill in the Somerset town of Frome. They provide residential and specialised dementia care for up to 60 individuals. For more information please call 01373 473 113 or email

Mother’s Day at Frome

Mothers’ Day was celebrated with flair and pomp at the Frome Nursing Home. All the residents thoroughly enjoyed the day and themselves as they interacted with the staff and the many guests that had shown up to participate in the celebrations with them.

Frome Nursing Home is a particularly special home for people with health needs especially those affected by Dementia. The home can care for 60 individuals. It has also been rated to be among the top twenty care providers in the South West of England. The home recognizes that each individual should receive personalized attention and that its entire staff must uphold high standards when it comes to dignity, privacy, choice, and independence. Frome Nursing Home offers excellent services including good home-cooked food and accommodation, things that make the lives of the residents comfortable and pleasant.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the facility organized such an enjoyable event for the people who reside there. All parents deserve to be appreciated for all the hard work they put into raising their children. Mothers’ Day was the day when all the mothers at the home would receive all the love and attention they needed to feel appreciated and valued. The management invited the community and the family members, as well as, the friends of all the residents to help them celebrate the day.
People showed up in large numbers and appeared ready and happy to spend the day entertaining the residents and enjoying the day with them. The home provided a wide range and selection of food, snacks, and drinks for everyone. There was also an area set aside outside for everyone to sit together, eat, interact and laugh together. The atmosphere was intoxicating with the excitement, fun and wide grins on the faces of all the residents. One of the residents expressed her gratitude for having such a lovely place to call home and for having caring people who could organize such a beautiful event just for them.

Another resident exclaimed at how pretty the decoration was at the home. A few members of the community and the staff volunteered their time to decorate the place with special love hearts and flowers and other forms of decor to help set the mood.

Not only was the food and decor excellent, the activities that had been planned were also charming and exciting. The management had come up with a list of activities that the residents and their loved ones would take part in to ensure optimum enjoyment. The morning hours were set aside for the relative and friends to spend with their friends and families reminiscing. After the one on one activities with families, everyone came together to listen to stories about the mothers residing in the home told by their friends and families. Some of these stories were touching, and some people shed a tear or two. Others were funny and tore the crowd up in laughter.

There were also small games that everyone could play. At the end of the long day, everyone was tired and happy. And all the mothers in the home received a bunch of flowers before the closing of the event. It was truly a beautiful day, one that the families, community, and friends spend appreciating these amazing people.

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