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When visiting various homes in order to make your decision about where to live, you will notice that each home is unique. The way in which each home supports the people living there will be different. Frome Nursing Home is the only home in the county to have implemented the household model of care.

The support packages we offer individuals are designed specifically for that individual, carefully gathering information to allow us to meet all of their holistic needs. We achieve this by seeing the person first and any clinical diagnosis as secondary.

Frome has five individually designed houses. Each house has a different look and feel. You will be able to sense the difference in each house and quickly see how the style of the house is tailored and focuses on the people living within. Different items. objects and opportunities focus on the life histories of people and reflect their hobbies, interests and passions.

The household model of care is distinct from any other model. Fundamentally the household model gives ownership of the home to the individuals who live there by putting them at the centre of each and every decision. The work of psychologist Tom Kitwood identified the six aspects required for an individual to live a full life; comfort, attachment, inclusion, identity, occupation and love. These are no different for those individuals living with dementia.

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