Frome Nursing Home’s Adorning Beauty Model

Modelling is more than just beauty and a smile, it’s being bold, adventurous and confident. Someone who would attest to this is Isabelle Tilney, whose daring style and character complimented... Read more

The Magic of Music: Frome Nursing Home

The Power of Music in Dementia Care There is power in music. Revolutionaries have used music as a platform to convey messages of change, during periods of civil and societal... Read more

Art Class Brings Joy

Frome Nursing Home ran art sessions for their family members who enjoy putting brush to paper.  The home always refers to their sixty residents as family members, which is part... Read more

BBC Somerset Music and Dementia with Karen Tidy

A Dementia expert from Frome is promoting the use of music to assist those living with the condition. Karen Tidy is a Senior Nurse at Frome Care Village, the 60... Read more

Music at Frome Nursing Home

Ever get chills listening to a particularly moving piece of music? You can thank the salience network of your brain for that wave of emotion. Surprisingly, the part of our... Read more

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who recently celebrated Mothering Sunday! We had a wonderful day here at Frome Nursing Home. We had so many beautiful bunches of flowers delivered from... Read more

Mother’s Day at Frome

Mothers’ Day was celebrated with flair and pomp at the Frome Nursing Home. All the residents thoroughly enjoyed the day and themselves as they interacted with the staff and the... Read more

Frome Nursing Home Celebrates National Love Your Pet Day

Research has shown that for those living with dementia, being surrounded by pets is highly beneficial. In light of this, those who live at Frome Nursing Home were particularly keen... Read more

National Write a Business Plan Month at Frome Nursing Home

December is National Business Plan Month, which encourages people to stop and consider the best way to progress at work. Frome Nursing Home’s pioneering model of care means it is... Read more