Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact on peoples lives and is incredibly rewarding.

Here at Frome Nursing Home, we are looking for volunteers to join our wonderful team. You can volunteer in a number of different areas and its completely up to you which one.

Gardening time

It’s coming up to the perfect time of year to be spending your days in the outdoors. Come along and help maintain our beautiful gardens!

Meal times

We all love a good meal, don’t we? Supporting our meal time is a crucial part of our day to day running. As well as serving the meals, you will also sit down and join our family members in tucking in!

Take a trip!

Whether it's popping to the local café or enjoying a local serving of fish & chips, you will be helping family members around their desired spot of the day.

Occupational fun

Entertain and excite everyone that lives with us by introducing new and exciting activities. Learn our family members past and tailor occupation to fit around their life experiences.

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